Welcome to our centralized Alaska FAFSA Completion Initiative site! ACPE, US Department of Education Federal Student Aid (FSA), and postsecondary professionals from colleges & universities across Alaska have teamed up to deliver one centralized location for you to access the information and resources necessary to COMPLETE THE FAFSA!


Students, Parents, Community Members – Learn more about Why FAFSA? And why now?

Here is a helpful reference sheet about the FAFSA and why completing it is a critically important step in reaching your education and career goals. And don’t forget – the Alaska FAFSA Deadline is June 30th for Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) and the Alaska Education Grant (AEG) eligibility.

Be sure to take a look at the various resources available through ACPE to help you and your family complete the FAFSA on this site!

From weekly Zoom sessions to one-on-one appointments, ACPE staff is here for YOU!

Also connect with your high school and/or postsecondary institution for FAFSA Completion resources!

Alaska FAFSA Ambassador Resource Directory now available for download

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Complete the FAFSA Now!

The FAFSA becomes available on October 1 each year. October is the best time to file the FAFSA if you plan to start a postsecondary program. Don't hesitate to file your FAFSA later in the year even if you missed the best time to file – you may still qualify for some aid.

Remember, you should file the FAFSA as early as possible – some institutions have very early FAFSA deadlines – check with your school's Financial Aid Office to find out. Some programs may have later deadlines. The priority deadline to file the FAFSA for the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) and the Alaska Education Grant (AEG) is June 30.

Complete the FAFSA Now!

ACPE Is Here to Help!

ACPE offers multiple pathways to assist students and families in completing the FAFSA submission process. To complete the FAFSA, students/families are required to have certain documents accessible, as well as their FSAID (Federal Student Aid Identification).

Students & Families

FAFSA Wednesdays Series: Every Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm ACPE offers assistance via Zoom to students and families who need to create their FSAID or are ready to complete the FAFSA (with all documentation in order and FSAID). Students and families can drop in at any time during the 3pm – 6pm timeframe on Zoom in order to access assistance with FAFSA completion.



Youcanbook.me: Schedule an appointment with ACPE Success Center staff through our online booking platform, youcanbook.me. Through youcanbook.me, a student and/or parent, can schedule a time during the week with Success Center staff to create their FSA ID and complete the FAFSA.



FAFSA Time Alaska (FTA) events: ACPE will provide you with the free resources and information (handouts, materials, etc.) to host a FAFSA completion event/session for your students and their families. Offering virtual support from ACPE, you will have access to the tools you need to help your students complete the FAFSA. Your participation is expected during a FAFSA Time Alaska event.

Registration for FTA is required. To do so, please click here. If you have any additional questions, contact Dominika Szpotanska at dominika.szpotanska@alaska.gov

Downloadable Financial Aid Resources

ACPE offers a variety of financial aid resources that are available for download. With information available about FAFSA, Alaska Education Grant, Alaska Performance Scholarship, and ACPE’s student loan programs – visit our Success Center Material page today!


Complete the FAFSA Now!

The 2021-22 and 2020-21 FAFSA forms are now available